It is common knowledge that the agriculture sector is powered by machines. Tilling, planting, fertilizing, harvesting, loading, and other tasks require machines. To withstand the elements in the field, each of these tools needs expert agriculture engineering machine design.

Shaping the Future of Agriculture:

Agriculture plays a substantial role in the lives of all people in all countries, now and in the future. In India alone, almost half of the entire land area is used for agriculture. At the same time, the global agricultural industry is undergoing fundamental changes and is facing many challenges. The three global challenges for agriculture are the constant growth of the world population, climate change threatening farmland and water resources, and a great threat for biodiversity.

iMAC Engineering provides electrical and mechanical engineering services to companies within the agriculture industry ranging from small local facilities to Big enterprises. We can develop an array of agriculture machines, including:

• Tractors and farm implements
• Transport equipment
• Headers and attachments
• Combines
• Diggers
• Sprayers
• Balers
• Plows

From Existing Product Improvement to New Product Development

Farming equipment is often pushed to the limits of capability, age and function. Within these current models, there’s always room for improvement. iMAC Design offers years of experience in providing existing product improvement with minimal impact to the product in service. We jump in, gain an understanding of your product and develop a solution quickly.
Our team of mechanical and electrical engineers is also experienced in developing new agriculture products from the ground up.

Why Us?

Many of our expert engineers, designers, technologists and technicians have hands-on experience in the agriculture industry, beyond farm machinery design. We understand the unique challenges farmers face in the field and use our engineering knowledge to solve them. As a result, each final product fits your requirements and the needs of your customers. We also understand the importance of bringing new agriculture products to market quickly and efficiently. That’s why we use our own engineers and our internal team structure to finish your project, little to no oversight required.

Reach Out iDES Engineering Today,

Whether you need a new farm implement designed we can help. To learn more about our agriculture engineering machine design services or to get started on your project, contact us today. We look forward to partnering with you in furthering this important industry.