As our engineering team detected and offered suggestions for improper mold design, our plastic mold design services were continued for a variety of projects. The majority of the time, our Professional Molders identify problems with the mold gate design, which results in the part having too much molded-in stress to withstand the intended environment. We take pride in assisting the client by participating early in the plastic mold design process. Early involvement improves in preventing design and quality issues before the molding procedure even starts. Also, it aids in avoiding expensive and occasionally disastrous end-use product problems.

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With engineering and manufacturing methods that ensure all of your cost, quality, and delivery goals are accomplished, iDES uses Advanced Quality Planning (AQP) to introduce new products. We implement quality records, error-proofing, and best practices guidelines to determine the design method that will result in zero defects at a reasonable cost. In order to satisfy your needs, we also provide tool construction project management, first product testing, and final approval of all dimensions. At iDES, we are skilled at improving a product's cost- and manufacturing-efficiency.

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iDES Focuses on;
1. Cost effective
2. Timely execution
3. Highly effective

Work Spotlight

As a product design and development firm, we use human-centered methodology to solve any engineering challenges, offering complete Product engineering services from Idea to Revenue Stage.