Sheet Metal Prototyping and Production Services

Rapid Sheet Metal Prototyping

We understand the needs of engineers and industrial designers. With good established channel capabilities – bending, laser cutting, welding, as well as CNC folding, tapping, countersinking, counterboring and other processes – we offer unrivalled turnaround on one-off metal prototypes.

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Production Parts

We have the experience to produce both simple and complex sheet metal parts for the automotive, aerospace, electronics and many more industries. With no Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), we provide the flexibility and scalable capacity that your project requires.

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Why Use Sheet Metal

Sheet metal can be quickly cut into 2D profile shapes and formed out of a variety of high-strength materials, making it perfect for rapid tooling. Its per-unit pricing lowers significantly in production volumes. Combined with end-use materials and high throughput, sheet metal fabrication is a well-known production method.

Sheet Metal Fabrication is Used For Rapid prototypes, low volume production, medical and communications products, housings and enclosures, everything from cars and space rockets and planes to air conditioners and soda cans.

Advantages of Sheet Metal Prototyping
Quick and inexpensive
High strength and durability
Very efficient
High Precision
Sustainable solution

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