Reverse engineering involves studying an object by bringing it apart in order to duplicate it into a better version or enhancing its features for a better and upgraded product. Doing this with the help of 3D scan is the most efficient option for complex geometries. It studies the minute details of the product and extracts all the complex details which otherwise might be difficult to analyse. 3D scan goes deep into the details when extracting the exact data, making it possible for us to duplicate it in the exact same design not only physically but also its features. This is where we specialize, by creating the exact shape and form with a difference hard to spot between the original and the copy.

How is this helpful for you?

We not only capture the original design for you, but we also enhance the product in such a way that it becomes reliable in the long run. There are possibilities that the original design has defects that can only be corrected by analysing it thoroughly with the help of 3D scan and other analysis and simulation tools. We can also help you modernize your entire manufacturing process.

Though we make it look simply, the process involves a lot of complex efforts which our team of experienced personnel can handle in the best possible way. The entire process depends on skilled engineering experts, which Imac designs is quite fortunate to have. Our team is experienced and certified and they do their work to the best of their abilities. Our forte includes customization and enhancement. No matter what your requirement, we have the perfect solution for you.