iDES are Medical Equipment and Device Design Firm.

Medical equipment design requires pushing boundaries of technology and leveraging communication tools to create highly reliable, portable, and user-friendly medical equipment.

Our Capabilities to develop medical devices in this segments as IntraUterine Devices, Biopsy CT Scan Assistive Devices, Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Dental Scaler, X Ray Machine, ECG recorder design, Cardiac Stress Test TreadMill design and ICU multiparameter monitor.

We do reverse Engineering of the Medical Surgical Equipments & tools in such a way to make it complete new modified design and adaptive. Our design engineer team focuses on human centered medical device design & development.

Medical Product Design Definition

Utilizing a special Maniac-Elegant approach, we define and design products with the intention of nurturing strong emotional bonds between users and the systems. A modern medical device may need order to become successful. chosen by a healthcare provider, specified by a specific clinical team, and then chosen by doctors, regularly in consultation with patients, in Finally, the impact of the medical device may be evaluated by the patient's own responses to it. As more patients and families administer their own treatments and medications, aspirations for product usability are also rising.

Medical Engineering Development and Verification

Medical devices introduce developmental delays that are considered for extended engineering knowledge. Our design and engineering teams have months of experience building sophisticated mechanical and electromechanical systems with close tolerances for use in medical devices.

Our team's engineers are capable of recognizing and identifying these complex problems early in the design process using the most recent CAD-based tools. This means that by the time a medical product goes through compliance and certification. We've already prepared and addressed many of the issues that might come up.

Medical Device Technology Roadmap Development

Essential ISO Standards for Medical Devices

ISO standards are voluntary, international, quality assurance certifications for processes, service, and documentation.

There are three main ISO standards for medical devices: ISO 13485, ISO/TR 20416, and ISO 20417.

ISO 13485 is a quality management system and regulatory standard to ensure that medical devices meet customer needs and regulatory requirements.

ISO/TR 20416 is a surveillance process standard for collection and synthesis of data after a medical is manufactured.

ISO 20417 is a standard for the information supplied by the manufacturer for a medical device.

iDES works with all three standards during the design and development of a medical device. iDES adheres to these ISO standards and works within the framework as defined by regulatory teams.

Medical Equipments & Tools Design Spotlight

Reverse Engineering is one of the recent and advanced technologies to develop early design ideas through 3D Scanner. We have associated with many partners in this process to develop and modify medical equipment as per client requirements. Some of the development done by the iDES team is shown below.