Concept Development

Conceptual design is a framework for establishing the underlying idea behind a design and a plan for how it will be expressed visually.

It is related to the term “concept art”, which is an illustration (often used in the preproduction phase of a film or a video game) that conveys the vision of the artist for how the final product might take form. Similarly, conceptual design occurs early on in the design process, generally before fine details such as exact color choices or illustration style. The only tools required are a pen and paper.

Conceptual design has the root word “concept,” which describes the idea and intention behind the design. This is contrasted by “execution”, which is the implementation and shape that a design ultimately takes.

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Modelling & Drafting Services

Imac Designs has a good deal of experience in 3D modelling and with experience comes expertise. Our team comprises of well-versed set of individuals who can handle 3D modelling with perfection which can further help you visualize and communicate your idea/product effectively with potential customers. We also help you save time and efforts by easing out the documentation process.

• 2D/3D Drafting of Components & Assemblies
• Legacy CAD data Conversion
• Solid Modelling/Surfacing/Sheet metal
• Manufacturing Drawings with Tolerances
• Process Drawing.

2D to 3D Conversion Services

Being a trusted Mechanical Engineering Design Company in India, we provide accurate 2D to 3D CAD conversion services, PDF to DWG, raster to vector cad conversion, and paper to CAD conversion services for mechanical engineering drawings.

Engineering Technique offers best-in-class CAD Conversion Outsource for Mechanical Engineering Drawings including Image to CAD, Scan to CAD Conversion, PDF to CAD, and 2D to 3D CAD models with high accuracy levels.